Worship is at the heart of what we do here at LuMin.  If you are new to the idea of worship it's basically one of the most human things you can do.  

Ours looks like this:  We gather together, we sing.  We read sacred stories, we discuss the sacred stories and how they might guide us in life.  We give thanks for all the amazing gifts in our lives and we mourn the suffering in the world.  We give away some of what we have to serve others and remind us that we should not be attached to possessions.  We eat a really simple meal together, because Jesus asked us to.  And it is overflowing with meaning. Sometimes we pour water over someone and proclaim that something miraculous has happened.

And this is where it gets hard to explain...why do we do this?

Well one reason is because there is a mysterious force at the heart of the miracle of being.  And this force, this Creator, this God has created a world so staggering in wonder, beauty, and abundance that it only makes sense on a certain level to worship.  Worship is drawing into a sacred space of gratitude for...like...all of it.  

Another reason is because this world is hard.  There are tragedies from the personal to the global.  We get hurt and we hurt others.  There are large systems that oppress many.  And so in worship we name grief and pain in song and prayer.  We hear words that challenge us, and we hear words that comfort us.  Worship is drawing into a sacred space of truth and healing.

Another reason, is because following the path of Jesus is hard.  He tells us to love our neighbor, stand with the oppressed, pray for our enemies and tell his story.  Worship reminds us of who we are and what we are called to be.  Worship is drawing into a sacred space of transformation.  

But at the end it's really all indescribable.  Because at the end we trust that in worship we encounter God, that deep mysterious force at the heart of it all.  We know, it's a wild idea.  Wanna join us?

We know that worship is a big step for lots of people.  That's why we have a drop in friendly meal followed by discussion time before worship.  We believe God is always present wherever you are on the journey and there is no pressure to stay for every part of Sunday nights.